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Cajun and lemon marinated swordfish steaks

Chargrilled wasabi pesto salmon

Thai-style topped seabass fillets

Tomato, garlic and basil BBQ'd whole langoustines

Teriyaki glazed mackerel fillets 

Lemon, thyme and garlic flat iron chicken

12 hour slow cooked pork, glazed with maple, apple and sage

Smoked BBQ'd brisket

Honey and mustard glazed sausages

Whole Moroccan spiced lamb shoulder

Chimichurri chargrilled rib eye steaks 

Satay chicken skewers


Butternut squash, halloumi, pepper skewers

Tomato, mozzarella, thyme stuffed baked sweet chilli peppers

Basil and garlic BBQ'd aubergine wedges

Charred harissa marinated vegetables

Roasted cumin and fennel seed falafal cakes

Portobello mushroom stuffed with balsamic red onions and goats cheese, topped with walnuts

BBQ boston beans

Cajun spiced sweet potato wedges

Bacon, brie and caramelised red onion stuffed potato skins

Spicy chilli slaw

Rocket and parmesan salad

Greek salad

Apple and jalapeno salsa 

Edamame, pea and mint green salad

Chargrilled mediterranean vegetable pasta salad



BBQ Menu

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